Kinetic Kids Inc. was founded upon the premise of providing the highest quality therapeutic intervention for children regardless of their abilities, with our only criteria for service being, if there is a demonstrated need that we believe we can help address, we want that child under our care.

As we’ve grown and advanced as a company we’ve come to recognize that some solutions for some children don’t require direct one-on- one treatments or intensive interventions. In fact, some problems are better solved at home with a knowledgeable parent who might need just a little expert guidance or support to make a real difference in a child’s life.

We have also found that training teachers and care givers can help address problems occurring at times and places which are difficult to replicate in a clinical setting. Some interventions are most beneficial and cost effective to conduct in small groups while other interventions can utilize tremendous resources like siblings who not only can play a valuable and constructive roll but benefit directly from learning more about a cherished brother or sister’s condition and pride themselves on effectively and actively participating in his or her long term care. We hope to provide many learning experiences and opportunities that reflect these realizations in the upcoming weeks and months.

We at Kinetic Kids, Inc. have also come to realize that children who may not suffer from any disability at all, and thus would not qualify for therapy, would none the less be well served and benefit tremendously from therapeutic techniques and best practices that have been derived and accrued over long years of study and thousands of hours of direct treatment sessions under very challenging circumstances. We have found that by applying our skills to a wider client base not only can some problems be completely avoided with modest early interventions, but some incredible acceleration becomes possible that can advance an otherwise typically developing child to meet his or her fullest potential as early and completely as possible.

While programming will change based on demand please check our schedule frequently to see which new learning opportunities are becoming available. If you would like to request a special session, please feel free to contact us.

Learning Programs

Handwriting Help Workshop
Health and Wellness Discussions
Managing behaviors and sensory concerns workshop
Navigating healthcare reform workshops


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