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Kinetic Kids Announces Its Integrated Listening System Program

Kinetic Kids Inc. is proud to announce that we will be offering the Integrated Listening System Program at our main clinic located in Miami, Florida. This program will consist of 60 – thirty minute sessions scheduled with the client and an occupational therapist that is certified in the use of Integrated Listening System. Sessions will be set upon availability and can be customized to better suit the client’s needs. An Integrated Listening System session is often recommended to be completed for a minimum of 3 sessions per week. The cost for this program will be $4800.00. Insurance may provide coverage. Please contact us at 305-878-0083 to find out more or to schedule your appointment today.


What Is Integrated Listening System (iLs) ?

iLs is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. It is an enjoyable activity, or “exercise,” which can be customized for all ages and skill levels for implementation in clinic, school or home.

iLs programs improve emotional regulation while training the brain to process sensory information

With improved regulation and processing, our ability to focus, think, and engage successfully in social situations also improves.


What Are The Benefits and Who Can Benefit?

iLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system, influencing the following systems and their function: auditory, visual, vestibular (balance and coordination), motor, cognitive (thinking and reasoning)  and emotional.  As a result, it is successfully applied to a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Learning –Building the skills which enable success in school: attentionreading, visual and auditory processing, memory, self-expression, social skills
  • Performance Optimization–  Improving processing speed and timing (athletics), creativity and imagination (arts and business),  self–esteem and self-confidence (personal development)
  • Neuro-Developmental, ASD– Achieving therapeutic goals related to emotional and behavioral regulation, sensory processing, communication and social skills; examples: Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy
  • Psychological/Emotional– Improving attention, emotional balance and vitality
  • Rehabilitation– Recovering energy and skills related to language, movement and cognitive function (memory, organization, planning) after a stroke or head injury


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